Shane’s Blog

We were delighted to host Shane for his work experience at our cookie shop last summer. Shane brought with him lots of interesting ideas, excellent coffee making skills and fantastic customer service skills. We were sorry to see him go but wish him the best of luck with the remainder of his degree and future endeavours.


Here’s what Shane had to say:

My name is Shane O’ Dea and I am in my final year of college in DIT. As part of my Food Innovation degree, I had to do 12 weeks of work experience as part of 3rd year. The position at The Dublin Cookie Company was well sought out amongst the class and I felt very lucky when I was picked for the position.

There was no waiting around, I was making and baking cookies from the get go. I even got to make my own cookie! The job was a great hands on experience with some great insight into starting up a business from the ground up. Jenny and Elaine are passionate about the company and were a constant source of help and inspiration during my time.

My time there has pushed me further to eventually set up my business. From the cookies to the customers, the company is constantly shifting and growing towards bigger and better things. I thoroughly enjoyed helping the girls out. If it wasn’t coming up with new flavour ideas it was helping with big events. There was always something going on.

I’ll miss the smell of freshly baked cookies! Thanks for everything ladies.