Jenny grew up in Melrose, Massachusetts (near Boston) in a home where the cookie jar was always full and home baking was the norm. She first learned to bake cookies when she was just tall enough to peek into the oven and spent countless mornings pestering the elderly sisters across the road from her Cape Cod family home to bake just one more batch.

The Dublin Cookie Co Ireland
The Dublin Cookie Co Ireland


Elaine was raised on a dairy and beef farm in Kilmichael, County Cork surrounded by green fields and lots of siblings. Her family taught her to value locally sourced foods and the worth of the Irish producer. Though Elaine spent years working in education, marketing and business, she was ultimately drawn back to food and the booming Irish producer scene.

The Dublin Cookie Co Ireland

Jenny and Elaine met one rainy evening on the rugby pitch in Dublin. Jenny was following a dream of living in a European city and Elaine was still in the capital years after the Master’s degree that was only meant to take her away from Cork and the family farm for one year. Their friendship turned into much more and soon the couple were looking for ways to spend more time together.

Jenny had been gifting her delicious cookies and cookie dough to friends for years. During an exercise in innovation with classmates at UCD, she realised that there might be a business there. Elaine agreed and they both jumped at the chance to work as a team doing something they loved.

They baked up their first batch at home in March 2014 and haven’t looked back since. From tiny community markets to huge festivals, Jenny and Elaine have been selling their cookies around Ireland and now have their very own cookie shop in The Liberties, Dublin 8. Here you will find tonnes of freshly baked cookies, milk in fun flavours, ready-to-bake cookie dough and speciality teas and coffee. With the best jobs in the world and the nicest customers around, Jenny and Elaine see bright skies ahead for The Dublin Cookie Company.

The Dublin Cookie Co Ireland

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